Retractable Stands

Retractable stands are a classic and contemporary way to brand your indoor space.

Standard sizes:
47” X 83.75”
47” X 80”
33.5” X 78.7”
23” X 83”

There are probably a bunch of people out there saying, “I have a projector why do I need a retractable sign?” Well the fact of the matter is a few well placed signs really allow you to brand any indoor space regardless of what the space offers technologically. How many conferences have you been to and seen these moveable signs? They are near ubiquitous because of how effective they are at getting everyone in the audience in the right mindset. You know when you walk into that room what you are there for. Some people may opt for projectors but take it from a printer (wink wink) that isn’t a great solution. For just as everyone has been to a conference, everyone has been to a conference where technology failed. With our retractable signs, that is never a worry.

Our signs come on a high quality back and we offer reusable stands to save you money. With our complimentary graphic artwork, let us help you convey the message you want to your audience. These signs are high quality and durable, so we expect that if you use them as intended, they can last for years. We’ve said it before, there is a place in business and your life for printing to coexist with your computer, and in our opinion, this is definitely one of those times.

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