Greeting Cards

With the rise of email, now more than ever, physical greeting cards can make the human connection so many businesses thrive on.

Common Sizes:
3” X 6”
4” X 6”
4” X 8”
4.75” X 7”
5” X 10”
5.5” X 8”
5.5” X 8.5”
6” X 8”
6” X 8.5”
6” X 12”

Common Stocks:
100 lb matte
80 lb matte
14 pt gloss
14 pt uncoated
16 pt matte

These are just a few common standards. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean we can’t print it. If you don’t see your specs above, call us for a quote.

As you may imagine, we love paper, but we aren’t alone. In the modern world, it seems like everyone sends an email or text. With that in mind, we find that the impact of giving a physical card is huge. People naturally respond well to knowing you care enough to hand write a card. We are constantly amazed by how impactful this small inexpensive gesture can be.

With our cards, we can customize all sides. Whether you want to have pre-filled information or you just want your logo on the front we’ve got you covered. The next time you want to thank your customers, don’t send an email, send a custom greeting card.

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