For the things that need to be labeled where labels aren’t right, they invented tags.

Common Sizes:
2” X 2”
2” X 3”
2” X 4”
2” X 5”
2” X 6”
2” X 7”
2” X 8”
3” X 3”

Common Stocks:
100 lb gloss
100 lb matte
14 pt gloss
14 pt uncoated
16 pt matte

These are just a few common standards. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean we can’t print it. If you don’t see your specs above, call us for a quote.

We love tags because of the versatility. How often do you need to convey information locked to a certain item? There are hundreds of uses for these tags and some you may not even think about. We have seen them used for everything from “hanging labels” to being used in physical inventories, and luggage markers.

Tags are an inexpensive solution when you don’t want to use an adhesive or want something that can be easily removed without altering the merchandise. Give your customers or employees all the key information they may need. With a tag, you leave the information with the product at all times.

We offer a variety of sizes and stocks to fit your goal and budget. Whether you want to put a single word, a complicated set of information, or a blank slate that you can write all the information in yourself, tags are a great product and often a great solution.

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