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You say you want more than just paper printing?

We here at Taylor Made Graphics obviously love paper and printing.  We wouldn’t do this every day if we didn’t.  That said, we aren’t oblivious to the fact that sometimes, paper isn’t the answer for everyone.  With that in mind, we want to direct you to our sister site There you will find information about our screen printing and embroidery, as well as our logo product offerings.

Pens, pads, stress balls, cups, water bottles, we could go on for longer than most would care to read.  If this is what you are looking for, then let us help you find the perfect swag to show off your company.  Feel free to start by looking at our offerings on or give us a call and let us find you the perfect item worthy of your logo.  As an ASI member, we have access to thousands of products, but with our expert customer service, we can turn the thousands of products into the few that represent your company in the way you want.

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